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Professionalisation, advanced training and
interdisciplinary learning - ProFiL

The university, a place of research and teaching, is an exciting and demanding workplace with diverse challenges. ProFiL offers you a selected range of further education and training that will help you to successfully meet current and future challenges of your career and to continuously professionalize your work.

ProFiL brings together all the training courses offered at HHU in one place. The events are generally open for all members of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

Workshops and events by target groups

Here you will find all training offers sorted by target groups.

Workshops and events by competence areas

Here you can search our programme according to competence areas.

The two-stage certificate programme  "Düsseldorf Way of Training" offers the opportunity to familiarise yourself with three prominent academic career profiles and to learn about the respective training paths.

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