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The university, a place of research and teaching, is an exciting and demanding workplace with diverse challenges. ProFiL offers you a selected range of workshops and courses that will help you to successfully meet current and future challenges of your career and to continuously professionalize your work.

ProFiL brings together all the training courses offered at HHU in one place. Here you will find the offers from "ProFiL" (Human Ressource Dept.), the workshops of the graduate academies and the Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center within the joint institution of Heine Research Academies, university didactics, the University and State Library and the HHU's Equal Opportunities Officer. The events are generally open for members of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

Using the ProFiL database

You can select the seminars and workshops that are of interest to you - by choosing the category of interest in the menu bar on the left . Alternatively, you can obtain all the event offers for the respective target group via the target group navigation (at the top of the page).

If you are interested in a specific event, you can get a detailed description of each event by clicking on it. Registration takes place directly via the provider of the event.













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