Going abroad for a postdoc

HeRA Info Seminar

Target audience

PhD students, Postdocs

(This course does not count for the curriculum of the graduate academies.)

Duration    2 hrs

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Information on the seminar content

Going abroad, developing own research ideas and taking responsibility for own projects are part of building up an own research career. It is also an opportunity to familiarise oneself with new research methods or to bring a large project to a conclusion. The programmes of several funding bodies place particular emphasis on supporting young researchers. Flexible funding instruments are tailored to meet the specific needs of young scientists and academics, thereby enabling them to pursue their research careers.

In this seminar different funding programmes for financial support of Postdoctoral research projects outside of Germany will be presented. In addition useful information will be given about writing proposals in order to receive funding for a Postdoc project as well as on preparing the research stay abroad.


Dr. Uta Brunner, Heine Research Academies, HHU

Uta Brunner is a Scientific Programme Coordinator of Heine Research Academies at HHU. She spent research time abroad doing a Postdoc funded by DFG.

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