Scientific staff

The following pages summarize all events and workshops for research assistants and postdocs at Heinrich Heine University. Some are subject-specific and not open for all fields. You will find more detailed information on how to participate in the event description.

Core competences for scientific work
Leadership, Management and Organization
Teaching, Learning, Didactics
  • Get into Teaching
    Workshop on university level teaching, with and without teaching experience, Language: English, Participation possible for all doctoral researchers of iGRAD, medRSD, philGRAD and all university teachers at HHU (iGRAD/Hochschuldidaktik-Workshop)
Career development
Intercultural competence and Diversity
  • Deutschkurs/German Language Course
    After work German class for international researchers (JUNO)
  • Diversity Training
    Training to raise awareness and reflect on diversity, anti-bias and stereotyping as well as on how to deal with diversity in one's own work area (Diversity Coordination Office and University Didactics).
  • Good to know Germany
    Information sessions for international researchers at HHU for a better understanding of important aspects concerning daily life in Germany (JUNO)
  • Fit for the German job market
    Coaching programme for international doctoral students to integrate into the German job market in cooperation with the Agentur für Arbeit Düsseldorf and external educational institutes (JUNO)
Service and Counselling
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